Opalite + Angel Aura Quartz "Emptiness DNA"

Opalite + Angel Aura Quartz "Emptiness DNA"

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---Opalite + Angel Aura Quartz---

"Emptiness DNA"

Artist: Organic DMT

(Cleansed with 1 night on quartz bed)
-3 3/4" Length Crystal.
-Adjustable Black silk cord included.
-Wrapped in black color copper.
-Works with Root Chakra.
-Powerful protection from negativity.
-Transmutes negativity into positive.
-Strengthens the immune system and assists pain relief.
-Artificial process of Quartz infused with Silver and Platinum.
-Helps to reach higher meditation(Stress Relief).
-Elevates communication with spirit realm.
-Intense frequency, felt on contact.
-Helps to remove negative energy and boost progressive energy.
-Wonderful healer.